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UKIMAS specialises in providing to individuals clients and Employers for all aspects of matters. Our Service includes advice to Employers to protect against employment of illegal labour, and consequent Border & Immigration Agency fines

Are you a Graduate with some useful work or business experience? - Bring your skills to the UK and high salaries through the new points based schemes.

The UK accepts that immigration provides many of the skills that are needed here, and this benefits our economy. The current categories of immigration have been defined to allow people with different levels of skill to come to the UK to work. Some who make the UK a permanent home become British Citizens.

Our consultants have long established experience in providing a specialised immigration, and nationality advisory service to employers and applicants. We understand the difficulties many have with UK immigration and visa applications and we believe that an assessment from one of our consultants will help you to make your decision, and we can assist you to prepare and present an .

Most categories of entry are summarised within this website, but if you have an enquiry that is not covered, please contact us with details, and we will advise you concerning any application. Below are some links to external websites with more information on UK Immigration.


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