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Our Procedure - fast track one day premium services

Our system and processes are designed to ensure your case is carefully managed by your legal representative to avoid any problems. As part of our policy, you would be required to authorise us as your legal representative which is done through the form of a customer care letter. The customer care letter outlines the type of service and the overall cost of the application. It explains our complete service we would be providing to you. The cost of the service is outlined along with the Home Office fees and our fees. Any additional fees may be highlighted.

Evaluating your application
Once you appoint us as your legal representative, we would send you a detailed e-mail listing all the documents. A case worker is assigned as your legal representative and he/she would be your point of contact. Our practice management system allows us to manage your case throughout its life cycle and you may contact our team anytime, who can give you up to date information.

The life cycle:

  1. Once the documents are received, we undergo a rigid process, checking your documents, cross referencing them with the published guidelines and request further documents where required.
  2. The application form(s) would be completed, ensuring the correct form is completed as there are no appeal rights in using the wrong form.
  3. Once the initial stage is completed by your case worker, this is passed to another case worker to validate and check your application. This is carefully checked and cross referenced. The case worker would make notes where required.
  4. The case is then passed back to the your case worker, who will finalise the application with his report which explains in detail how the Immigration Rules have been met, taking your instructions and ensure it is ready for submission.
  5. Once it is validated, your application is sent to our Client Support Team, who would digitalise your application and documents for our records.
  6. Your case worker would then mark the pages for clear visibility for the case worker at the Home Office, putting it in a way to help improve the time of the decision.


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