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We appreciate that when our clients contact our team at UKIMAS Legal for immigration advice, they want to be assured that the sensitive information they provide UKIMAS Legal would be received, processed and stored in a confident and highly secured environment. Clients can rest assured that UKIMAS Legal is an OISC regulated firm, further more we are also voluntarily regulated by “The Information Commissioners Office (ICO)”. The ICO is the governing body for regulating and enforcing the access to and use of personal information. Thus UKIMAS Legal ensure our practices and policies meet the stringent criteria put in place by these governing bodies when processing our clients personal data for the purposes of immigration advice so our client's sensitive data are protected at all times. 

Information is key to successfully dealing with our clients' queries. When you contact our team at UKIMAS Legal either for the very first time or you are an existing client, we will take down some basic information regarding your query to help us forward your query to the most qualified person. The type of information we would ask for are:

  • Your first and surname.
  • Your contact number.
  • Your email address.
  • Your Immigration Status.
  • Your current/previous visa expiry date.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your enquiry: we would expect you to provide us with as much detailed information as possible about your query, don’t worry our friendly expert immigration advice team will ask all the relevant questions necessary to obtain those information. 

Together we will then work out the best cost effective yet quality type of legal support package for your individual requirements. If you are not clear about any of the immigration advice provided all you have to do is ask and we will be happy to clarify.

Once you provide the above information, we would be in an informed position to explain the following steps necessary which may include coming in to see us for your immigration advice at our offices with easy access for wheelchair users. Where UKIMAS Legal is not in a position to support you in your enquiry, our team will inform you straight away and provide alternative contact for support (this is known as “re-direction”).  

Where face to face consultation is required UKIMAS Legal have dedicated meeting rooms set in a friendly and confidential environment for a one-to-one meeting with you and your own legal advisor this is an ideal way of discussing your case in more detail and explains the various routes available to you. At UKIMAS Legal we wont rush you, you would be given ample opportunity to ask the legal advisor any questions you may need answering. However certain immigration matters can be complex, in which case you will be assigned a legal advisor and a “Client Case Reference”, so you can be in direct contact with your specific legal advisor at all times after the consultation and maintain continuity until your case is closed.

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