What Happens Next.

You are one step away to solving your immigration matters.

Once you contact UKIMAS Legal for immigration advice, and your case is being managed by a legal advisor, rest assured that your enquiry is never lost in our system and you are kept well informed and updated at every step of the way, we also obtain consent before carrying out any work on your case.

The following explains in more detail what happens next:  

  1. 1. When you attend a scheduled consultation and come to meet one of our legal advisers at UKIMAS Legal, you will discuss your case in detail, and your advisor would provide a best course of action plan. If we can provide the legal support and you are happy to proceed, we would issue a client care letter outlining what happens next, the level of support we will provide and explain our legal service in more detail. However, we understand and appreciate that clients need to go and discuss this with their friends, family or employer. In all circumstances, we provide consultation notes on all our immigration advice via e-mail and this would be directly sent to you by the legal case worker. Each client receives a “Client Reference Number”. You can stay in contact with your legal case worker until your case is closed mutually either by UKIMAS Legal or by yourself. 
    • 2. Where UKIMAS Legal are able to provide the required legal support for your enquiry, and you would like to instruct us, we would send you either an electronic client care letter which can be read and legally accepted by you online by clicking the accept button or the letter will be e-mailed to you which you can print off, sign and send back to us
  2. 3. If UKIMAS Legal is unable to help you with your query then we would notify you of this on the telephone and forward you via e-mail further details of contacts best suited to handle your enquiry.


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